Have you been thinking about using Instagram Stories for business? Now is the time!

If you have used Instagram recently, you might have seen the multicolored circle around profile pictures.

That is the Instagram story icon.

Instagram stories are 15 second short videos, text, or photos. They are available both to brands and users, and they expire after 24 hours.

Like most brands, you may be awestruck –

“Why do you need to post Instagram stories on your feed regularly?”

The reality is that Instagram stories are the perfect promotional tool for your Instagram branding.

Content is abundant on this…

How To Write Great Sales Copy

How to write great sales copy that grabs your audience’s attention without being “over the top?”

I get asked this question frequently from my potential and existing clients.

A persuasive sales letter is one of the few things that can guarantee your marketing success.

It can drive traffic, engage potential customers, and finally move them through your sales funnels till they buy.

If it’s not compelling, concise, with an emotional touch, you’re wasting your time.

Let’s go through a few of my best tips we shall cover below for getting someone’s attention.

1. Keep it simple

2. Use sexy headlines

Marketing Quotes

I love Marketing Quotes. Especially the funny marketing quotes that keep me on edge. And inspire my entire marketing journey and encourage me to dream big.

Whenever I come across any that stands out, Google Keep is my favorite best friend to stick them together. I have created an entire board of some favorite marketing quotes that can transform your business.

Plus, how you think about advertising, social media, content creation, and much more.

Do you need a little marketing inspiration or clarity? I hope these powerful marketing quotes which include:

  • Quotes about marketing to your audience
  • Content marketing quotes

A social listening strategy is more than looking at a few tweets or some Google alerts on a sporadic basis.

Instead, it’s a systematic approach to monitoring conversations online.

As more brands and business owners realize the advantages of social media listening, they’re beginning to incorporate it into their marketing strategies.


Because social media listening has become a gateway to new possibilities for:

  • Marketers,
  • Sales teams,
  • Product teams,
  • Research and development, and much more.

Even though you don’t need any experience to carry out social listening, a social listening strategy requires more in-depth knowledge of your business and industry.

Steps To Create A Social Listening Strategy

Step 1: Set your KPIs and Goals

Do you ever wonder how some businesses can produce a constant stream of new content from their websites — almost like magic?

Every day — or every hour, even — they seem to manage to whip up something fresh. #MindBlown

While here you are, spending hours trying to come up with ideas for a popular blog post or an engaging new video.

We don’t doubt your ideas are pure gold. But if you’re starting to feel the pressure of filling up your content calendar, it may be time to ditch coming up with new ideas and switch to repurposing instead.

Content Repurposing — What Is It And How Can It Help?

Full-stack marketer, is it a new buzzword? Is it a strange phenomenon in our marketing world of today?

The headline says it all. It’s like buying a box with all the necessary tools you need to get a job done.


That’s what they are.

But it isn’t just a technical term for someone who growth hacks brands or a digital marketer.

They are skilled marketing personnel who are knowledgeable enough in all things marketing and teach others how to grow their brands.

A full stack digital marketing personnel would typically:

  • Consult with you.
  • Determines your needs,
  • Map out a…

Do you know Instagram has an option to repost stories?

Maybe you want to share a college group shot or a meme you think your friends would love? There has been an ever-growing wish to repost stories on Instagram.

With the introduction of the reshare option, Instagram has boomed us with this surprise.

I got to know that Instagram was testing the capability of its reshare option, but now it’s officially rolled out.

Since its introduction, regram is gaining massive popularity among businesses and brands. This is mainly for brands that use Instagram contests for their marketing and promotions.


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