How to Create a Social Listening Strategy for Business Growth

Apolline Nielsen
7 min readAug 25, 2020


A social listening strategy is more than looking at a few tweets or some Google alerts on a sporadic basis.

Instead, it’s a systematic approach to monitoring conversations online.

As more brands and business owners realize the advantages of social media listening, they’re beginning to incorporate it into their marketing strategies.


Because social media listening has become a gateway to new possibilities for:

  • Marketers,
  • Sales teams,
  • Product teams,
  • Research and development, and much more.

Even though you don’t need any experience to carry out social listening, a social listening strategy requires more in-depth knowledge of your business and industry.

Steps To Create A Social Listening Strategy

Step 1: Set your KPIs and Goals

A solid social listening strategy gives you a deeper understanding of what your customers are saying, how they feel, and their challenges.

Wouldnt you agree with me that to create raving fans we should:

  • Know our audience,
  • Their core motivators,
  • And how we can make a positive impact on their lives?

As with most activities in an organization or business establishment, a crucial step is to determine the goals that you’re trying to achieve. Likewise, when creating your social listening strategy.

Having clear cut goals will define all of your efforts, especially if you want to maximize your performances.

Some of the common determining factors or KPIs of a social media listening strategy include:

Product research

  • Adjust and improve products and services.
  • Collect feedback and get consumer suggestions.
  • Find inspiration for new products or services.

Customer service

Customer service is one of the primary uses of a social listening strategy- and there’s…



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