How to Regram Instagram Stories? Everything You Need To Know

Apolline Nielsen
4 min readFeb 9, 2019

Do you know Instagram has an option to repost stories?

Maybe you want to share a college group shot or a meme you think your friends would love? There has been an ever-growing wish to repost stories on Instagram.

With the introduction of the reshare option, Instagram has boomed us with this surprise.

I got to know that Instagram was testing the capability of its reshare option, but now it’s officially rolled out.

Since its introduction, regram is gaining massive popularity among businesses and brands. This is mainly for brands that use Instagram contests for their marketing and promotions.

In the past, it was not easy to repost other’s Instagram stories. But now you can repost anything just with a few clicks.

How To Regram On Instagram

What is Regram?

To regram on Instagram means to reshare someone else’s Instagram stories or content to your business or private account.

The idea of regramming is closely related to the process of retweeting or reposting tweets on Twitter. However, it’s more complicated than just clicking the share button that is available on Twitter.



Apolline Nielsen

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