How To Write Great Sales Copy

How To Write Great Sales Copy (14 Solid Tips)

Apolline Nielsen
7 min readMar 18, 2021


How to write great sales copy that grabs your audience’s attention without being “over the top?”

I get asked this question frequently from my potential and existing clients.

A persuasive sales letter is one of the few things that can guarantee your marketing success.

It can drive traffic, engage potential customers, and finally move them through your sales funnels till they buy.

If it’s not compelling, concise, with an emotional touch, you’re wasting your time.

Let’s go through a few of my best tips we shall cover below for getting someone’s attention.

1. Keep it simple

2. Use sexy headlines

3. Ask a question

4. Runaway from passive language

5. Write as you talk

6. Make a bold statement

7. Use visuals

8. Use video to increase conversion

9. Have a clear CTA

10. Make it an irresistible offer

11. Speak their language

12. Make it conversational

13. Use the power of testimonial

14. Limit your audience’s choices

How To Write Great Sales Copy

Tip 1: Keep It Simple

Do not overcomplicate if you want to write a compelling sales copy. Keep it simple. Keeping it simple here means delivering the core concepts with clarity.

You can’t persuade people to buy from when your sales copy is too complicated for the audience to grasp.

Dish it out in bite-sized pieces they can understand.

Immediately. Avoid using long run-on sentences. Go straight to the point.

And use adjective-rich sensory copy that invokes sights, sounds, and smells.

Tip 2: Use Sexy Headlines

Don’t be boring. Don’t be boring. Pleassssssssseeeee don’t be boring!

Yes. I know I said it three times. However, how many people follow this rule?

If you want to write an excellent sales copy, this is a rule you must abide by.

You can’t afford to be boring If your goal is to make people read your sales letters. Use sexy subject lines that will grab the reader’s attention and keep them there.

How do you do that?

  • Ask questions that will pique their attention in your services.
  • Create a list-style, subject line like “10 Reasons Why Your Business Efforts are Failing (10 Tips On How to Fix It)”
  • Use a comparison subject line to create an us-versus-them scenario.

Few know that you can also include image captions as headlines.

Stay away from this mistake.

At all costs!

The caption on your images can be an effective attention-getter.

Stop people with an image, and the next thing they’ll do is read the caption that goes with it. Sweet!

Tip 3: Ask A Question

Ask questions in your sales copy or sales video.

Don’t be scared to ask, as long as you target your message!

And grabs the attention of your targeted audience.

In your sales copy, this question should center on a desire or problem they have or face.

For example, you can ask, “Hey! Did You Know That 15,000 Have Closed Down In Your State This Past Year?”

It should target their needs or desires. Since people naturally focus on their problems and issues, use this to make them pay attention to you.

Tip 4: Runaway From Passive Language

I guess you are asking yourself this question. Why should you avoid passive language?

Passive sentences are wordy. The passive alternative to an active sentence is always longer.

Also, the sentence structure is more complicated. You are hence decreasing the likelihood of you getting your message across.

For example, “The lady was cured by medicine.”

Instead, say, “The medicine cured the lady.”

A compelling sales copy is simple and easy to understand. Less wordy as well.

Always stay in the present when writing articles, emails, and, most notably, sales letters.

Tip 5: Write As You Talk

How To Write Great Sales Copy

It’s that easy! Consumers are wary of what they read and see — particularly online.

And they are resistant to any “salesy” language.

Instead of using sales message templates, speak out your heart.

Use the exact voice and tone you use in your regular day-to-day interactions. Using a casual tone shows that you’re a genuine person.

Plus, don’t be afraid to share personal stories or anecdotes.

People relate and want to buy from people. Not some nameless or faceless brand.

Tip 6: Make A Bold Statement

Now you need to be careful…

When using a bold statement, make sure that your targeted question and bold statement are relevant.

My recommendation? Say something intriguing to your audience.

That way, you’ll grab their attention.

Maybe yell out something appropriate like:

“Hey! We will take your hand and show you how to grow a business online in 90 days.”

Or “Hey! We are out to show you how to market and sell your course, fast!”

These are some classic recipes of how to write excellent sales copy.

Tip 7: Use visuals!

Text without an image just doesn’t cut it!

Get their attention with an emotionally charged image. Choose visuals that fit the topic, so your customers will stop and check out your compelling sales copy, or ad.

Of course, you might think this is only useful for social media.

However, it’s vital for any compelling copy you write! Most people engage much faster when you use visuals.

So images are among the best attention-getting tools you have!

Tip 8: Use Video To Increase Conversion

It’s not enough to share a well-written copy and a couple of eye-catching images.

No! To super-charge your results, use videos as well!


Because videos are the most effective form of content.

And videos contain a higher intensity of emotion and a longer duration of attention.

Another excellent tip on how to write a great copy!

Tip 9: Have A Clear CTA

How To Write Great Sales Copy

What’s your call-to-action (CTA)? Make it clear. Do you want them to take any specific action? Say it.

Do you want them to navigate to a particular page and fill out a form? Say it.

Make it very, very clear. I can’t stress this enough.

Most brands ignore these simple concepts, and their marketing and conversions fail because of it.

Play around with colors, position, and verbiage when using your CTAs.

A.B. tests the variations and sees what works best for your brand.

Tip 10: Make It An Irresistible Offer

Create a compelling offer that will sway people to buy. How do you go about that?

By adding tons of value. You want your target audience to feel like they’re getting an insatiable deal that they can’t say No to.

Consider including complementary products or services that will help the consumer or add value to the principal product on the sales page.

Why? Because you want them to see that this is an offer they can’t miss.

Remember, most people buy on emotion. Not on logic.

Tip 11: Speak Their Language

Avoid business or marketing jargons! Do your research and be aware of the reading level of your prospects.

What words or phrases do they use when talking about their needs or desires?

What are their preferred modes of communication? (Written, audio, video, etc.)

What is their average reading level?

How do they “word” their problems?

Your goal isn’t to impress with info about your product or industry.

It’s communicating with them in a way that they understand.

Use clear and straightforward language that is familiar to those you’re trying to reach!

Tip 12: Make It Conversational

I admire direct response marketers like Frank Kern and Dan Kennedy for their striking conversational tone.

Using a conversational tone makes your message highly relatable and easy to understand.

Make it feel like you are having a conversation with a friend. Someone you’ve known for a while.

If you want to write a great sales copy, think about how you can be conversational.

Be transparent as that’s crucial. Always pretend like you’re talking to your best friend as this works.

Tip 13: Use The Power Of Testimonials

Testimonials are great. If you want to write a compelling sales copy, focus on testimonials.

Ensure that you help people and get a testimonial from them before writing your sales copy.

Testimonials are essential. If possible, get them on video. Or send them your testimonial form to fill.

Or screenshot your chat or conversation with them. This will further add social proof to your sales copy.

Tip 14: Limit Your Audience’s Choices

If they are confused, they will say, “No.”

When writing landing pages, sales emails, blog posts, and sales pages, always guide your readers toward your desired actions.

For example, in sales emails, include links only to the landing page you want to direct them to.

Don’t include links to your blog, website, or social media accounts.

Same with high converting sales pages. It should contain only one Call To Action.

The Buy Button. Make it bold, so it stands out from the text on the sales page.


I hope this post gives you insight on how to write a compelling sales copy or persuasive sales copy that converts.

Think about it. An excellent sales copy is more about being authentic and straightforward than writing the “perfect” message.

Don’t stress about following specific sales copy templates or rules and write from your heart.

Authenticity brings out a compelling sales copy that will win every time!

Which of these sales copy tips are you going to incorporate into your copy? Share below!

Originally published on my How To Write Great Sales Copy blog post.

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